With a surface of nearly 1000 ha, “oasis la Valle” is a wetland of a great ornithological interest. With its estensive reedbeds and a modest waters depth, it is an important site located in a strategic position along the migratory routes from northern Europe to sub-saharian Africa and offers to many species an ideal place for resting and breeding. Owned by the province of Perugia is managed by the “Cooperativa L' Alzavola” that provides services and activities for the purpose of nature, learning, tourism and science. Every season of the year is interesting. In winter thousands of water birds arrive from northern Europe for wintering. It is possible to observe: coots, mallards, common teals, gadwalls, wigeons, pochards, ferruginous ducks, cormorant, great crested grebes. In spring the first african migrants arrive for nesting here during the summer, amongs these: reed warblers, purple herons, squacco herons, night herons, cattle egrets, little bitterns. In autumn, in the evening, the reedbeds is populated by starlings and swallows ready for the migration. Also osprey can be observed. In the last years 202 different species of birds have been checked.

The oasi is comprehensive of:
- a visitor center;
- an exibition on the historical and naturalistic aspects of La Valle;
- a ornitological station for scientific research on bird ringing;
- a nature trail with three observers;
- 2 telescope and 30 binoculars for the birdwatcher;
- 20 audio-guide, in english or Italian, giving information about the history and nature of the lake;
- a documentation centre with more than 250 books;
- a foot-path that gives access to the disabled;
- a water lily’s garden;
- an equipped lodge which sleeps twelve.

Services offered for families and small groups (maximum of 9 persons), no booking required:

- Self tour: € 4,00

- Nature trails: Adults € 6.00, Children 7 to 14 € 4.00

For groups of at least 10 persons. Booking is required.

-Tour with guide: € 7,00

The ticket always includes the rent of the binoculars. Children under 6: free.


OPENING HOURS (click here)


The “La Valle Oasi” is closed the 1 January,6 January, Easter, 1 November, 24 December  (afternoon), 25 December, 26 December, 31 December (afternoon).