About us

"L'Alzavola" is a small cooperative of 5 members that takes care of the Natural Reserve La Valle

"Cooperative l'Alzavola"

We are a small cooperative of 5 members (Marco, Chiara, Maddalena, Mario, Maddalena), the Alzavola Soc. Coop. and we deal with the "management of natural heritage", in particular, since 2009 we have been managing the natural reserve on Lake Trasimeno.

Our small cooperative has made the natural reserve a point of reference and a service for the entire Trasimeno area, becoming, in fact, the systemic gateway to the ecosystem, nature and the lake landscape.

Our tasks

We take care of everything concerning the functioning of the natural reserve:

  • Environmental education courses that we offer from 2-year-olds to university students;
  • Guided tours for educational ecotourism: we turn to professional naturalists, nature lovers, families, citizens;
  • Scientific monitoring: we are naturalists and ornithologists and carry out a series of scientific monitoring aimed at the conservation of the Trasimeno ecosystem with particular reference to the reed bed environment. Among the monitoring, it is worth mentioning the scientific ringing of birds carried out in both scientific and informative form with the aim of bringing young people but also adults closer to environmental research;
  • Finally, we take care of all the promotion, protection and maintenance of the natural reserve.