Visit the Natural Reserve

A wetland of 1000 hectares along the flyway from Northeastern Europe to Sub-Saharan Africa

Autonomous visit

With the autonomous visit you can proceed alone or in more people, up to a maximum of 9 participants


Guided walk

Guided walks are perfect for families. Check the program and the dates of the next walks


Guided tours

Guided tours can be made by reservation, with a minimum of 10 participants. Check the program and costs


Ornithological interest

The Natural Reserve La Valle, with an area of ​​about 1,000 hectares, is a wetland area of ​​great ornithological interest, with shallow waters and extensive reeds, an important stop-over site and breeding area along the flyway from Northeastern Europe to Sub-Saharan Africa.

In winter we find birds from north-eastern Europe including: Coots, Mallards, Pochards, Teals, Grebes and Tufted Ducks.

In Spring the first African migrants arrive and then in the summer they will nest, among them: Reed Warbler, Great Reed Warbler, Red Herons, Squacco Herons, Night Herons, Cattle Egrets, Little Bitterns.

In autumn the reeds are populated by Starlings and Swallows preparing for migration; the Osprey is also easily observed.

Over the years, over 200 different bird species have been registered.

The natural reserve has:

  • A visitor center equipped with an educational room
  • A scientific-didactic laboratory
  • A bird ringing station
  • A nature trail with 4 hides
  • 2 telescopes and 30 binoculars to make visitors autonomous in birdwatching
  • 18 stereo microscopes
  • A small garden of water lilies
  • A documentation center with over 250 texts
  • Facilitated routes and texts in Braille for use open to all
  • A guesthouse with 12 beds
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